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Towards a new journey: Zhongnongfa Juming large horsepower tractor off-line ceremony was held


Towards a new journey: Zhongnongfa Juming large horsepower tractor off-line ceremony was held

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In the April season, everything is in the spring and full of vitality. On April 18th, 2016, the spring was thick and the sun was shining. In the agricultural equipment park of Shandong Juming Group, it was festive and enthusiastic. More than 200 employees representatives gathered at the door of the large-horse tractor production workshop. They lined up neatly and looked forward to the red hijab. The Zhongnongfa giant big horsepower tractor. What they have witnessed will be a major event in the history of the development of Shandong Juming Group--"China Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has successfully rolled off the line."


This will also be the first time that Ju Ming has publicly announced to the society and the industry that Ju Ming has officially moved to a new journey of power machinery. Ju Ming will launch a large-horsepower tractor for the agricultural machinery market. Since 2015, after thorough market research, multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research, Ju Ming decided to enter the field of power machinery, began research and development, trial production of high-powered tractors, introduced advanced technology and equipment, introduced high-quality talents, and established the tractor division. . And successfully developed a variety of tractor products. In 2016, Ju Ming further increased its investment, actively operated, and invested in high-level technical personnel. It decided to develop and test and produce high-powered tractors with Jumei characteristics. After scientific and technological personnel attacked and hardened, they successfully upgraded R&D and produced new products. 130 horsepower - 200 horsepower and other horsepower tractors. On April 18th, at 9:28 am, the mystery of the two new models was unveiled by the Ju Ming management team. The unique Ju Minghong, unique design structure, real high-end, atmospheric, and high-grade, which makes More than 200 employee representatives cheered up, and the audience gave a warm applause. The firecrackers suddenly sounded and the atmosphere was more intense. The staff said, “This is the product of Ju Ming. People are very kind and very moved. We must build Ju Ming. Red, to achieve the giant dream!" It is understood that the current market consulting, intent to cooperate in the distribution of Ju Ming tractor agents. Many of these dealers are distributors of Juming Harvest Machinery. They are full of confidence in the prospects of the cooperation between Ju Ming and Zhongnongfa Group, and are full of expectations for Ju Ming to enter the tractor industry. In the face of market demand, in the face of customer needs, in the next period of time, Ju Ming will increase investment, on the basis of ensuring product quality and performance, to achieve batch delivery.