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Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, inspected Ju Ming!
Ju Ming: Fuxin debut at the International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
Qingdao International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Outdoor Special Equipment Zone, a 600-flat site, “Zhongnongfa Juming”, “China Agricultural Development” and “Juming Group” are particularly eye-catching. This is the strategy of Shandong Juming Group and China Agricultural Development Group. Since the cooperation, it has made its debut at a national large-scale exhibition, with orange-red products, a team of spirited participants, a brand-new corporate image, and a brand-new product design. “Ju Minghong” once again shines in the National Conference.
Towards a new journey: Zhongnongfa Juming large horsepower tractor off-line ceremony was held
In the April season, everything is in the spring and full of vitality. On April 18th, 2016, the spring was thick and the sun was shining. In the agricultural equipment park of Shandong Juming Group, it was festive and enthusiastic. More than 200 employees representatives gathered at the door of the large-horse tractor production workshop. They lined up neatly and looked forward to the red hijab. The Zhongnongfa giant big horsepower tractor. What they have witnessed will be a major event in the history of the development of Shandong Juming Group--"China Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has successfully rolled off the line."
Shandong Juming Group's 2016 New Product Promotion Tasting was held
After the spring cultivation and the successful harvest of the three summers, Shandong Juming Group achieved a full-year victory: the wheat machine has no one left, and it has earned a good reputation for Ju Ming with excellent harvest performance. In the management of the company headed by General Manager Cho Shoubo, there has not been a slight slack. They unanimously believe that Sanqiu production is the focus of
China Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Italy Carraro Group successfully achieved joint venture cooperation
Focus on building a high-end, intelligent and professional tractor equipment R&D and manufacturing base On June 22, 2017, the signing ceremony of the joint venture and cooperation between China Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and the Italian Carraro Group was held in Beijing. The two sides jointly announced to the community that they signed a joint venture cooperation agreement and established AiGui Juming Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.
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