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Juming Group Technology Center aims to promote scientific and technological innovation of crop mechanized harvesting technology, and tackles major technical problems in the development of the industry. It has achieved innovative results in the research and development of key technologies, focusing on the harvesting machinery of grain-based crops. Product and advanced manufacturing research, real-time research and development of crop harvesting machinery such as root crops, stalk crops, cotton, etc., with the center as the platform, promote the industrialization transformation of results, promote the technical level of the industry through the promotion and demonstration of new technology products Improvement. A research and development platform for crop harvesting machinery with scale and industry influence and a first-class overall level will be built.


At present, the center has a certain scale of research and development facilities and more advanced product manufacturing capabilities, especially in the province's research and development of major crop grains and corn harvesting machinery, with industry leading edge, the overall level of domestic leading.