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Center Introduction


Shandong Juming Machinery Co., Ltd. has the existing enterprise technology center and Shandong Provincial Harvest Machinery Engineering Research and Development Center. The enterprise technology center is an independent organization affiliated to the company. It is approved by the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, Science and Technology Bureau and other departments in order to meet the requirements of the company's development. Established and established, the center is mainly responsible for the transformation of the results of the Crop Harvesting Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center and the product development and technical services required for enterprise production.

Shandong Province Crop Harvesting Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center, relying on the manufacturing and marketing advantages of Juming Machinery Co., Ltd. and the scientific research advantages of the Polytechnic University, based on the development direction of China's agricultural machinery industry, carrying out forward-looking foundations, applied research, research and development of new agricultural machinery .

Shandong Juming Enterprise Technology Center, based on the actual needs of the actual production of the enterprise, to complete the transformation of the provincial technology center, product improvement, product support, production technology services. It has a product design department, a tooling technology department, a product matching department, and a comprehensive management department.

In the past few years, the center has achieved fruitful results in the development and production of harvesting machinery. Now it has more than 40 products, and has obtained economic benefits of nearly 200 million yuan. With the gradual improvement of the system, the research and technical team, scientific research, new product development The social contribution and other aspects have reached the domestic first-class level.

The center plans to establish five research offices in the next few years, and the overall level will reach the domestic first-class level, and establish a close-knit school-enterprise cooperation alliance to form scale and industry influence.