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Three-pack service

Three-pack service

Adhere to the "one-stop" service model of production, training and service with the characteristics of Ju Ming Group.

1. According to the concept of “do not hesitate to pay for services”, the company has established strict three-package regulations and implemented regional responsibility system;

2, the service personnel to be on duty 24 hours, rushed to the scene in case of problems, troubleshooting;

3. During the three-package service period, the original sales personnel shall be fully responsible for the three-package of the sold machine, complete the installation, commissioning and technical training in advance, and fill in the training service card truthfully;

4. All products and services of Ju Ming Company shall be treated in the same way. For the Ju Ming machine that operates across regions, insist on “seeing the service of Ju Ming”, and refuse to deny users for any reason;

5. The company is equipped with service vehicles. Anyone who sells more than 30 sets of service vehicles will be equipped with 2-3 vehicles with a large sales volume. There is a service hotline and service outlets throughout the country.

6, the person in charge of the three bags of accessories to do the delivery of accessories in a timely manner;

7. The person in charge of emergency response shall propose a solution to solve the problem at any time;

8. The telephone consultation service staff sincerely treats guests, accepts the phone with enthusiasm and courtesy, and asks the patient for patience and meticulous answers.

Ju Ming Harvester Service Commitment

Dear dealers and users:

First of all, thank you for your great support and love for Shandong Juming Machinery Co., Ltd. We hope that Jumei Harvester will become a good helper for you to get rich, and bring you rich benefits and joy.

The Jumei harvester has been favored by the majority of users. In order to let users “buy Juming products safely and use Juming products to be satisfied”, our company has launched “service commitment” to users during the harvest period, and fully accepts the supervision and guidance of users. We solemnly promise you;

1. Strictly implement the relevant provisions of the State's Consumer Protection Law and the Regulations on the Repair, Replacement, and Return of Agricultural Machinery Products, which are the repairs of our company's product quality problems. Retreat.

2. During the harvest period, the user is called and immediately starts. If the user is not satisfied, he or she must not leave the site. If the service area does not arrive at the scene within 8 hours, the user will be compensated for 50 yuan for each hour.

3. After the arrival of the three-pack service personnel, if the component failure cannot be ruled out within 24 hours, according to the specific circumstances, the user's lost work fee will be compensated 300 yuan for each day.

4. In order to implement the regulations and systems for the three-package service of our company, the projects that the dealers and users supervise the service work of Ju Ming are:

(1) Three bags of personnel cannot reach the service site within the specified time;

(2) Whether the three-package personnel actively introduce their names;

(3) Whether to fill in the "Three Guarantees Maintenance Record" as required;

(4) Whether the service attitude of the three-pack staff is enthusiastic, thoughtful and meticulous;

(5) Whether you have food, take, card, or not;

(6) Whether to ask you for service fees and repair fees in violation of regulations;

(7) Whether the accessories you purchase exceed the retail price of the company;

(8) Whether the three bags of personnel have recovered your old parts after purchasing the accessories;

(9) Refusing your request for help and rejecting your call for more than three consecutive times.

5. Please feedback the unsatisfactory items in our company's three-package service to the company in time for the company to investigate and verify.

6. The investigation of (1) is true; the company will honor the user according to the promise; if the (2), (3) and (4) items are true, the company will criticize, warn and punish the party. If the (5), (6), (7), and (8) items are true, the responsible person shall be given serious treatment according to relevant regulations, and the result of the treatment shall be reported to the user, and the user shall be rewarded 100 yuan/time. If the (9) article is verified and confirmed, the party shall be given a fine of 100 yuan and the user shall be given a reward of 100 yuan.